No excuses

I often hear that people have a hard time finding a routine that works for them with maintaining physical activity. The gym changes its schedule, work gets in the way, you’re exhausted after a long day…the list goes on. These are valid reasons that should be considered when planning your fitness regime. 

If your gym keeps changing class times then try out buying some DVDs that you can do at home. If you are too exhausted to workout after a long day try starting your day with a workout. You’ll find it will give you energy to keep going throughout your day. If your work doesn’t give you time to workout because you are either chained to your desk or asleep try adjusting your work environment. Could you make your desk a working desk with a treadmill? What is it that ties you to your desk? Do you need to be able to answer calls and that’s why you cannot get away? Try going to a gym and using an elliptical or treadmill and walk with your phone forwarding any important calls. 

If you can figure out how to create a workout schedule that fits with your lifestyle without any major adjustments then it will not feel like a burden. That will allow you the flexibility to begin a routine that could be more manageable. Even if you start small with only 10-20 minutes of movement every day, that will make a difference. So if you’re daunted by the recommendations of exercise at least 3x a week for an hour at moderate intensity don’t be afraid to adjust it so that you feel not just comfortable but confident approaching it. Break it down to 5x a week for 30 min, 7x a week for 10 minutes of vigorous exercise – the point is that you find a way to incorporate it into your schedule so that you look forward to it as your breather from your day. 

Embodily Defined

Express your spirit to embody wellness!

em·bod·ily Adverb

1. Express or give a tangible or visible form to (an idea, quality, or feeling).

2. Provide (a spirit) with a physical form.