The Aquapac large camera case gives you peace of mind with your camera with all the functionality one would wish for. Being able to swim or kayak with your camera without worrying about water damage is amazing. This bag delivers! The adjustable neck or shoulder strap allows you to decide how to wear it to take pictures. It can hold anything from a large camera to a small. I used it first with my SeaLife as a precautionary measure and then after that test used it with my Lumix successfully. I did find that it was necessary post-swim to leave the camera case bag propped open to get any residual moisture to air away after the tropical climate swims. One desiccant sachet lasted for over a month of use when used post-swim to help it air out. I was able to get fantastic pictures thanks to this!

The Aquapac belt case is submersible and gives you peace of mind when exploring that your valuables can be with you and safe and dry. The adjustable belt works for either a man or woman. The bag is solid and what you put inside is not visible for added security. It fit my small Lumix camera, passport, cash, & credit card comfortably. I would recommend this especially for those who enjoy going on tours or trips - we used it for our day-trips snorkeling & kayaking in Koh Tao and Ang Thong Marine National Park. It allowed me to leave my bag and towel on the boat but feel like I had my important items with me!

I did not pay for this product but I do not believe that I let that color my review. I selected this product after doing careful research about the best products of its type and requested a sample to test in my own practice.

Mission enduracool instant cooling towel

The Mission enduracool instant cooling towel in size large is a genius invention that I was so thankful to have when I was in the sweltering jungle heat. The fact that the towel can be activated by either pouring water on it, submersing it briefly in water or by your own sweat is inventive and highly functional.

It is highly absorbant and the size was perfect for keeping next to my mat as I worked out. I easily could grab it and wipe away my sweat but the coolness allowed me to continue my exercise without getting hot.

When I began to develop heat exhaustion during exercise due to the high temperatures of over 110 degrees fahrenheit, no AC and lack of clean drinking water, this towel saved me. It helped me to cool down my core body temperature so that I didn’t overheat more and get sicker. I used a towel on my neck, forehead and chest that day in the jungle and my skin slowly returned to a cooler temperature and my skin redness receeded.

After a month of use it amazingly didn’t reek from moisture, sunscreen, bug spray or sweat. It proved itself as a staple in any gym bag!

The Max Muscle Rehab roll on gel by Mission works without a doubt on sore muscles. Whether you’ve been hiking, doing yoga, running, swimming, kayaking etc this gel works like a charm on aches and within minutes you will feel relief. This product is an excellent addition to a gym bag and to be in a medicine cabinet. It even works on sensitive skin!

I even used it to soothe my sore hip and legs after walking for hours through the streets of Paris!

I did not pay for this product but I do not believe that I let that color my review. I selected this product after doing careful research about the best products of its type and requested a sample to test in my own practice.

Yogitoes rSkidless

The Yogitoes rSkidless Yoga Mat-Size in peacock is just as fun as it is practical. It allows you the flexibility to take your practice everywhere. The mat rolls and folds easily - it fit in my carryon bag on the plane so that I was able to roll it out at the airport for some light stretching during one of my 4+ hour layovers during my international travel. This mat has the patented skidless grips on the bottom that hug it to the floor, your mat or even the sand! It wicked away the sweat from my hands and feet and even my back when I did floor stretches. I loved the bright colors of the mat with colors that haven’t faded even with wear, tear and the sun! I feel like I am doing my part since it’s sustainable and supporting the environment as it is made out of recycled bottles yet is surprisingly soft and comfortable. From the jungle to the beach to the gym, this is a go-to mat to practice on.

I did find myself wishing that the mat were actually a little wider than it is as sometimes when I do certain posture like savasana my extremities would fall off the edge of the mat which wasn’t as comfortable.

Overall, this mat combines function, service and fun to create a useful tool for encouraging your practice to be moveable to wherever you may find yourself. I definitely recommend this!

I did not pay for this product but I do not believe that I let that color my review. I selected this product after doing careful research about the best products of its type and requested a sample to test in my own practice.

SteriPen Freedom

Drinking water is something I had taken for granted. I had never considered all the times that I used clean water until I went to the islands of Thailand. Having my Steripen Freedom gave me the peace of mind during my trip that everything from my water bottle to the water I used to brush my teeth was safe from the pesticides in the dirty island water. After a month in a third-world environment, I have returned without any serious illness, thanks in part to my Steripen Freedom. It created clean water for me no matter where I was. All it took was less than a minute with the pen in my water bottle to sanitize it so that I did not have to worry about what I drank. It gave me the freedom to explore and enjoy my adventure without being scared of the horror stories I had heard about unclean water.

I highly recommend the Steripen Freedom. Not only did it fit in everything from my purse to my yoga bag to my rainjacket pocket it also turned into a handy flashlight when the island lost power (as it used generators and didn’t have electricity so you can imagine that was often).

"I did not pay for this product but I do not believe that I let that color my review. I selected this product after doing careful research about the best products of its type and requested a sample to test in my own practice."

Yogibags sport mat bag

The yogibags sport mat bag is one of the best yoga mat bags on the market. At first glance, it appears to just be the simple sling mat bag that is everywhere. However, it is not only durable but supportive. It can hold two pro-sized mats with extra room! It worked well for holding my main mat, 2 full size towel mats, a sweat towel, water bottle, and notebook with room to spare. The design is a crossbody strap that could also be worn over your shoulder depending on your preference. It even has a small pocket on the end for your keys or chapstick. It comes in a multitude of colors from fun purple or pink to a practical or manly black. This bag can be packed small for travel with its flexible design and shape. It has breathability holes so that your bag doesn’t collect the smells from your workout gear that you pack and it is water resistant so if it begins to rain while you’re in transit you don’t need to be concerned about your mat getting soaked. It’s unisex so based on your color selection you and your man can even match going to class! I would highly recommend this bag for your classes - it makes my commute so much easier to have everything at hand and stylishly at that, not to mention it is made right here in the United States!

I did not pay for this product but I do not believe that I let that color my review. I selected this product after doing careful research about the best products of its type and requested a sample to test in my own practice.

Rowve Carry-all Bag (Large)

The Rowve carry-all bag in size large is a fantastic multi-use bag. I used both the gorgeous pink laminate and the black canvas for my trip and they were more than practical but extremely functional! First off, they worked for so many uses that I could see packing for a trip with multiple of these bags to have the best organization! I love that they are lined with laminate so that you don’t have to worry about an item spilling inside or sticking in a wet swim suit or dirty shoes to packing lotions/sunscreens or medicines. I used these two bags for the duration of my almost 2 month trip abroad and found I was constantly repacking them as I used up items and they made it less of a headache to travel. They held over 15 sunscreen bottles on my international flight and held them securely so I didn’t have to worry about them exploding and creating a mess when I opened my checked bag. It held my medication bag at one point with everything from Benedryl gel to body lotion. It also held my wet swim suit and a towel when I went to the beach for a day and it held dirty clothes on the trip back.

I highly recommend this bag whether you are a traveler, a yogi (it fit my yoga towel mat, water bottle and towel) to a mom who needs to carry childrens’ clothes and diapers. I see this bag as a useful investment. Ideally I would have these in every size and at least 3 in each size and then packing a suitcase for a trip would be an absolute breeze!

I also love that it’s a small company and their products are produced in the United States and it was created by a mother-daughter team!

Suggestion for improvement: The small wrist strap on the side felt strained when I filled the bag to its capacity and it was heavy. I think if it had a strap on the top of the bag rather than on the side it could provide more stability.

Suggestion for an extra-large bag. This would be awesome addition to your line of bags! This size would be maybe almost twice the width of the large bag and would be perfect for a suitcase in particular to lay flat and pack dirty clothes at the end of a trip or pack delicate clothes that you want to keep clean and nice (i.e. thinking of the idea of packing 1 outfit for a nice occasion in the bag so that it doesn’t get as wrinkled when traveling). This would definitely need the strap at the top of the bag. (strap like the Longchamp small cosmetic bag le pliage.)

I did not pay for this product but I do not believe that I let that color my review. I selected this product after doing careful research about the best products of its type and requested a sample to test in my own practice.

Timbuk2 Scrunchie Yoga Tote

The scrunchie yoga tote bag by Timbuk2 is my favorite bag! I have found my everything bag. This works like a dream come true for everything from the gym to yoga to travel. The amount that this bag holds is ideal and shocking! For travel this bag holds and organizes your things: from your boarding passes, wallets, cameras in bags, umbrella etc. For gym it can fit 2 sneakers, water bottle, snacks, rainjacket, etc. For my yoga class in the Thailand jungle it could hold my mat, a towel mat, my bag of toiletries, hairbrush, sneakers and socks, flip flops, water bottle, camcorder bag for recording the class, ipad for music, umbrella, sunscreen and bug spray. For tours in exotic parts of the world it held everything we needed: suncreen, bug spray, water bottle, umbrella, wallet, camera bag, small camera, snorkel gear, day-trip medicines for boating and food illness to a towel. For international travel as my personal item/carryon it held my passport and document case, ipad, camera bag, quart-size toiletries, crossbody purse in the velcro pocket, and sunhat on top of the closed zipper etc. All of these things while even being able to zip and due to the awesome design the zippers can be locked with a TSA lock for added security since the zippers are double. Talk about relief if you are leaving your bag to explore, go swim or not worry about the contents falling out! This mat can even cradle a yoga mat across the top of the zippers with enough room to still hold the mat over your shoulder. The front zipper pocket is the perfect size for carrying important easily accessible items which for me included my epi-pen and Zyrtec as I explored the islands in Thailand. The bottom is sturdy and  waterproofed so you don’t have to be concerned about setting it down on the ground. The shape is flexible so it can contort to what you put in the bag so that when it isn’t that full it will be more floppy and compressible but you can also use all the space to expand it and fit everything you could desire. This bag went through a lot during my trip from being tossed into a longtail boat to hiking through a jungle to the rocky coral beaches, to boat tours for snorkeling to airports and trains to the city and it not only lasted but it still looks like excellent condition. I selected the nylon gray/electric blue color. The blue was a fun vibrant pop of color as an accent on the bag and the gray disguised any dirt or use.

I highly recommend this bag! This bag allowed my trip to be perfect. I felt like I could always carry whatever I needed and with no problem.

This bag is a 5 out of 5 for me. While it is excellent and perfect, having used it daily for over a month of traveling from a jungle to a beach to airports and train stations to a European city known for pickpockets I do have a few thoughts of how this bag could be improved to be even better. Suggestions to make this bag the ultimate dream for me would be: add a detachable preferably padded strap for making this into a crossbody for when it’s packed to the brim or you need to be hands free (this could somehow be stored with a sinch on the bottom of the bag?) Make the velcro side pocket to be on both sides so that one could store both an umbrella in one and a water bottle in the other or even a smaller purse inside the side pocket. A side strap on the outside on the edge that either snapped or tied so that if you want to hang your wet mini umbrella from its strap or if your sneakers are filthy and you want to hang them on the outside of your bag from their laces you have something to connect them to securely to hang. It would be great to have another key fob in the larger zipper interior pocket so you could put your house key in the black zipper and your travel key in the other. Maybe also put a slot for a credit card for easy access or a hotel room key slot within the zipper pocket for instant easy access. Make the entire bag waterproofed not just the bottom so that if you get caught in a rainstorm you don’t have to worry at all. Make one of the handles on one side detachable so that you could connect the tote to your suitcase, a chair or table leg, etc when traveling. Even better if you could have a mini locking system for more security and peace of mind. (Locker rooms aren’t always even the safest places.) An optional pad for the shoulder strap that could connect the two straps together if you are carrying it for long periods would be helpful since when the bag is full it can be heavy to carry on a shoulder for long periods (several hours of walking and exploring). I’ve gone back and forth about whether I’d like it to have a water bottle holder/pocket/strap inside the bag...maybe a flexible one that had an elastic strap would be nice to secure it however I found the plastic water bottles from the vending machine fit fine lying down in the velcro pocket and my water bottle doesn’t leak so it wasn’t horrible having it lay down inside the bag, more of a problem when I filled it with cold water and it began to condense and I didn’t want the water condensation to touch any other items in my bag that I wished it had that.

I did not pay for this product but I do not believe that I let that color my review. I selected this product after doing careful research about the best products of its type and requested a sample to test in my own practice.

Aurorae Synergy Mat Towel

The Aurorae Mat Towel, called “Synergy” is truly an innovative creation. It combines both the qualities of a padded mat and a yoga towel into one combined product.

When you do an Amazon search for the highest rated yoga mat this is the first item on their list and for good reason.

When I exercise I sweat. I have found in my Pilates and yoga classes that as I warm up and work up a sweat that my hands begin to slip on the mat. Sometimes even my whole body will be drenched and thus make postures and holding positions not only difficult but dangerous. During my tests of this mat I found that it absorbed my moisture and the more I sweat the more it supported me. It is the ultimate product.

I did find that I preferred this mat for my Pilates or my Pilates-yoga fusion workouts as the padding was thicker which supported my joints better.

I would definitely recommend this mat for a comfortable, safe and fun practice!

I did not pay for this product but I do not believe that I let that color my review. I selected this product after doing careful research about the best products of its type and requested a sample to test in my own practice.

SeaLife Mini II

The SeaLife Mini II is a bulkier camera but its bulk provides extreme durability and security to your valuable pictures. It allowed me to capture some amazing pictures for my first and following snorkeling trips during my month-long+ trip in the islands of Thailand. The reviews on Amazon had me worried about possible leakage of the salt water into the camera but I shouldn’t have been concerned. For over 8 snorkel and kayak day-trips, I only required 1 set of batteries. I bought the 8GB memory card for my trip and it never filled up and I took thousands of pictures. The included wrist strap was excellent for securely holding the camera to my wrist while I swam. There is a small delay in the shutter so with the quicker fish it was more of a challenge to capture them but I found after a while a method to take several pictures in a row while trying to hold the camera steady under the water usually produced at least one clear shot. Towards the end of my trip I did find that the lens of the camera looked cloudy and some pictures reflected this. The locking mechanism on the camera which covers the battery and memory card from the water is complicated at first to open however after a few tries it becomes second nature. Having the memory card USB reader is fantastic for quickly uploading shots to see the beautiful memories you captured. The fact that the camera has both a land and a water setting is really helpful. Though I did find that sometimes I would forget to change my setting from water to land when I would come up to the surface but my pictures still tended to turn out well. I had a hard time with the flash on the camera. I couldn’t really figure out when I was supposed to use it - sometimes it worked but sometimes it would blur everything and even seemed to scare the fish away. I appreciated the battery-save mode with the camera - it would turn off after no pictures were taken for a while.

Overall I would recommend this camera for underwater pictures and for being an almost indestructible camera for action adventures. I loved not worrying about when my camera fell out of my bag on the boat and when it hit the kayak by accident. The lighting does affect the pictures and especially whether you have a steady hand but once you master that the pictures you can take are endless.

I cannot speak to how this camera compares to the more expensive SeaLife Reefmaster or Pro but for a basic intro underwater camera it more than served its purpose!

Pictures can speak more than words so check out some of the great pictures that were taken with this SeaLife Mini II!

I know I am really excited for my next water adventure and being able to document the experience!

Suggestions for improvement: Add a lens cover that you could flip manually so when you want to store the camera the lens doesn’t bump up against a finger or something. Something to clean the lens of the fog from water or salt deposits. I used my sunglass cloth and that helped a lot but I’m sure there could be something better. Would be nice if it could be a little less thick so that it could fit comfortably in a pants or short pocket easier. Perhaps also a viewfinder in addition to the screen - I found when I was taking pictures and it was really bright I would have difficulty seeing the screen to tell what I was taking a picture of and wouldn’t be able to see the results until I had uploaded the pictures to my computer.

I did not pay for this product but I do not believe that I let that color my review. I selected this product after doing careful research about the best products of its type and requested a sample to test in my own practice.

Stick-e Nonslip Full Length Hot Yoga Towel

The Stick-e Nonslip Full Length Hot Yoga Towel is a novel invention that combines the softness of a bath towel with the functionality of an absorbent towel with a mat’s form. This towel mat is that, a combination product that delivers both the desire for function and design. The alignment lines are helpful for both beginners and advanced alike as it helps guide you to center during your practice. The delightful aspect of the towel is that it works, and works in more ways than even I initially expected.

The towel is thin and flexible with the patented Stick-e bottom on both the edges and center to keep your towel in place. The towel easily rolls or folds up so it will fit in a variety of bags whether you need to pack it flat or roll it. This towel works beautifully over a yoga mat for the extra sweat absorbance but also works on its own as a thin layer if you are practicing on carpet, sand, or a thin mat. I love how easy it is to clean and it performs beautifully and dries quickly and without hardness.

From practicing in a jungle with no AC to a morning beach stretch - this towel proved itself to be worth the investment and should be recommended.

Not to mention that this is a newer brand on the market and the owner is an absolute delight to work with who will answer any questions about her products - this brand’s line of products will be sure to help you want to sustain and expand your practice.

Use promo code, “Janna” on the Stick-e website for a 15% discount on any Stick-e Products

I did not pay for this product but I do not believe that I let that color my review. I selected this product after doing careful research about the best products of its type and requested a sample to test in my own practice.

Embodily Defined

Express your spirit to embody wellness!

em·bod·ily Adverb

1. Express or give a tangible or visible form to (an idea, quality, or feeling).

2. Provide (a spirit) with a physical form.