Rowve Carry-all Bag (Large)

The Rowve carry-all bag in size large is a fantastic multi-use bag. I used both the gorgeous pink laminate and the black canvas for my trip and they were more than practical but extremely functional! First off, they worked for so many uses that I could see packing for a trip with multiple of these bags to have the best organization! I love that they are lined with laminate so that you don’t have to worry about an item spilling inside or sticking in a wet swim suit or dirty shoes to packing lotions/sunscreens or medicines. I used these two bags for the duration of my almost 2 month trip abroad and found I was constantly repacking them as I used up items and they made it less of a headache to travel. They held over 15 sunscreen bottles on my international flight and held them securely so I didn’t have to worry about them exploding and creating a mess when I opened my checked bag. It held my medication bag at one point with everything from Benedryl gel to body lotion. It also held my wet swim suit and a towel when I went to the beach for a day and it held dirty clothes on the trip back.

I highly recommend this bag whether you are a traveler, a yogi (it fit my yoga towel mat, water bottle and towel) to a mom who needs to carry childrens’ clothes and diapers. I see this bag as a useful investment. Ideally I would have these in every size and at least 3 in each size and then packing a suitcase for a trip would be an absolute breeze!

I also love that it’s a small company and their products are produced in the United States and it was created by a mother-daughter team!

Suggestion for improvement: The small wrist strap on the side felt strained when I filled the bag to its capacity and it was heavy. I think if it had a strap on the top of the bag rather than on the side it could provide more stability.

Suggestion for an extra-large bag. This would be awesome addition to your line of bags! This size would be maybe almost twice the width of the large bag and would be perfect for a suitcase in particular to lay flat and pack dirty clothes at the end of a trip or pack delicate clothes that you want to keep clean and nice (i.e. thinking of the idea of packing 1 outfit for a nice occasion in the bag so that it doesn’t get as wrinkled when traveling). This would definitely need the strap at the top of the bag. (strap like the Longchamp small cosmetic bag le pliage.)

I did not pay for this product but I do not believe that I let that color my review. I selected this product after doing careful research about the best products of its type and requested a sample to test in my own practice.

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