Timbuk2 Scrunchie Yoga Tote

The scrunchie yoga tote bag by Timbuk2 is my favorite bag! I have found my everything bag. This works like a dream come true for everything from the gym to yoga to travel. The amount that this bag holds is ideal and shocking! For travel this bag holds and organizes your things: from your boarding passes, wallets, cameras in bags, umbrella etc. For gym it can fit 2 sneakers, water bottle, snacks, rainjacket, etc. For my yoga class in the Thailand jungle it could hold my mat, a towel mat, my bag of toiletries, hairbrush, sneakers and socks, flip flops, water bottle, camcorder bag for recording the class, ipad for music, umbrella, sunscreen and bug spray. For tours in exotic parts of the world it held everything we needed: suncreen, bug spray, water bottle, umbrella, wallet, camera bag, small camera, snorkel gear, day-trip medicines for boating and food illness to a towel. For international travel as my personal item/carryon it held my passport and document case, ipad, camera bag, quart-size toiletries, crossbody purse in the velcro pocket, and sunhat on top of the closed zipper etc. All of these things while even being able to zip and due to the awesome design the zippers can be locked with a TSA lock for added security since the zippers are double. Talk about relief if you are leaving your bag to explore, go swim or not worry about the contents falling out! This mat can even cradle a yoga mat across the top of the zippers with enough room to still hold the mat over your shoulder. The front zipper pocket is the perfect size for carrying important easily accessible items which for me included my epi-pen and Zyrtec as I explored the islands in Thailand. The bottom is sturdy and  waterproofed so you don’t have to be concerned about setting it down on the ground. The shape is flexible so it can contort to what you put in the bag so that when it isn’t that full it will be more floppy and compressible but you can also use all the space to expand it and fit everything you could desire. This bag went through a lot during my trip from being tossed into a longtail boat to hiking through a jungle to the rocky coral beaches, to boat tours for snorkeling to airports and trains to the city and it not only lasted but it still looks like excellent condition. I selected the nylon gray/electric blue color. The blue was a fun vibrant pop of color as an accent on the bag and the gray disguised any dirt or use.

I highly recommend this bag! This bag allowed my trip to be perfect. I felt like I could always carry whatever I needed and with no problem.

This bag is a 5 out of 5 for me. While it is excellent and perfect, having used it daily for over a month of traveling from a jungle to a beach to airports and train stations to a European city known for pickpockets I do have a few thoughts of how this bag could be improved to be even better. Suggestions to make this bag the ultimate dream for me would be: add a detachable preferably padded strap for making this into a crossbody for when it’s packed to the brim or you need to be hands free (this could somehow be stored with a sinch on the bottom of the bag?) Make the velcro side pocket to be on both sides so that one could store both an umbrella in one and a water bottle in the other or even a smaller purse inside the side pocket. A side strap on the outside on the edge that either snapped or tied so that if you want to hang your wet mini umbrella from its strap or if your sneakers are filthy and you want to hang them on the outside of your bag from their laces you have something to connect them to securely to hang. It would be great to have another key fob in the larger zipper interior pocket so you could put your house key in the black zipper and your travel key in the other. Maybe also put a slot for a credit card for easy access or a hotel room key slot within the zipper pocket for instant easy access. Make the entire bag waterproofed not just the bottom so that if you get caught in a rainstorm you don’t have to worry at all. Make one of the handles on one side detachable so that you could connect the tote to your suitcase, a chair or table leg, etc when traveling. Even better if you could have a mini locking system for more security and peace of mind. (Locker rooms aren’t always even the safest places.) An optional pad for the shoulder strap that could connect the two straps together if you are carrying it for long periods would be helpful since when the bag is full it can be heavy to carry on a shoulder for long periods (several hours of walking and exploring). I’ve gone back and forth about whether I’d like it to have a water bottle holder/pocket/strap inside the bag...maybe a flexible one that had an elastic strap would be nice to secure it however I found the plastic water bottles from the vending machine fit fine lying down in the velcro pocket and my water bottle doesn’t leak so it wasn’t horrible having it lay down inside the bag, more of a problem when I filled it with cold water and it began to condense and I didn’t want the water condensation to touch any other items in my bag that I wished it had that.

I did not pay for this product but I do not believe that I let that color my review. I selected this product after doing careful research about the best products of its type and requested a sample to test in my own practice.

Embodily Defined

Express your spirit to embody wellness!

em·bod·ily Adverb

1. Express or give a tangible or visible form to (an idea, quality, or feeling).

2. Provide (a spirit) with a physical form.