First Time Vitamix-ing

Growing up with influential women who cook is a sanctuary for blossoming creative growth in the kitchen. With an aunt with numerous impressive cookbooks to delight to a grandma who had a fun children's cookbook to my mom who won a Turkey contest - I always delighted in Kitchen Chemistry with my grandfather. My fond memories of licking the raw brownie batter with grandma in the kitchen still make me smile and my date nights cooking for my grandpa are memories I cherish now. I've never been one to be able to follow a recipe to a T. I have plenty of stories of the problems that created (who knew baking powder mattered that much)?! 

While I did sit down and watch the Vitamix DVD, my first attempt needed to be authentic, creative and definitely not following any direction. 

Nika and I attempted to make a green juice smoothie on our first date so that is what I attempted first:

Green Fruit Smoothie
½ cup water
1 cup frozen strawberry
½ cup frozen mango
5 baby carrots
1 handful salad mix
½ frozen banana

Taste comments: This turned out to taste a bit tart, almost sour. Obviously something to counterbalance; like a sweet fruit or I guess honey or brown sugar would’ve helped. I loved it but Nika said he would definitely prefer a normal smoothie for next time!

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