Fueled by Vitamix!

I am beginning to adjust to being an adult, in that, I am for the first time living in a real apartment not connected to a school or university and I have a kitchen for the first time. As many recent graduates face the challenge of preparing healthy meals at home and while on a budget I thought sharing my experiences would be helpful.

I contacted Vitamix to be able to chronicle my adventures in healthy cooking, snacking and blending! They sent me a refurbished 5200 to be able to write about my love affair with all things from smoothies to sauces to soups!

I'm now also a Vitamix affiliate so if you want to buy a Vitamix too you can and if you use my code below then you will get free shipping & handling on your order! Stay tuned for my blogs on why Vitamix is the healthiest decision you could ever make!

***06-008785 ***

Unpacking/Unboxing the Vitamix for the first time pictures below!

Embodily Defined

Express your spirit to embody wellness!

em·bod·ily Adverb

1. Express or give a tangible or visible form to (an idea, quality, or feeling).

2. Provide (a spirit) with a physical form.