4th of July Sorbet

4th of July Sorbet
1 cup milk
3 cups frozen fruit: I did the Market Pantry from Target, mixed fruit frozen bag which is resealable (strawberry, mango and pineapple)

Taste comments: We had our dear friend Carolyn visiting us for the 4th. After venturing out for the fireworks we decided it was way too hot and muggy/extremely crowded in the park so we would rather try to watch the fireworks from the roof of our apartment. When we got back after turning on the AC I thought a sorbet would be an excellent way to cool off from the summer heat. This took literally a few minutes from start to finish. I definitely overestimated how much fruit to use as we have serious leftovers. This actually was cool because when I checked this morning, the sorbet froze really well. So good to know - you can always make more than you intend with the Vitamix and the product will retain freshness and quality. This is by far the healthiest sorbet you could make with no added sugar and honestly the sweetness of the fruit was enough. A cool summer treat!

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