Summer Drink from Smashed Fruit?

Nectarine Limeaide Smoothie
1 cup limeaid
3 overly ripened Nectarines

Have you ever bought fruit and had it begin to get squishy or look like it had gotten smashed between the store and your house? I know I tend to have a hard time eating "ugly" fruit. Somehow the squishiness is too much for me. Thanks to the Vitamix I can now not waste or even hesitate at eating these. Begin by mixing these up to high as soon as possible. A quick high setting should be enough. 

Taste Comments: Perfect hot summer's day drink! I got 3 servings of fruit in this drink! For when our temperatures were 100+ and I came home overheated and dehydrated this helped me recover quickly!

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2. Provide (a spirit) with a physical form.