Vitamix saves the day! Potatoe Onion Soup

N had emergency wisdom teeth extraction. While I was prepared to deal with the packing of gauze to stop bleeding, ice packs, salt water rinse etc I didn't have many soft foods on hand in the kitchen. After a surgery like that you need nutrients and I wanted him to have a hearty meal to get some of his energy back and help deal with the pain. This morning he said he would enjoy a warm soup (for breakfast) [24 hours post surgery]. I realized with the Vitamix I would be able to craft a meal that he could swallow since the swelling prevented chewing.

5-6 small potatoes, rinse off, cut off ends, poke hole with knife in each potatoe, put into pyrex dish with water on bottom, place in microwave, cook on high for 6 minutes, remove to cool

1 chicken broth bouillon cube dissolved in 2 cups boiling water
1.5 cups milk 2%
2-3 small now cooked potatoes (with skin)
oregano & salt shaken into vitamix
dash of olive oil maybe 2-3 tablespoons worth
1/2 onion first sauteed then added

All of the above poured into the vitamix blender, cap placed, turned to On, Variable 1, slowly turned up to Variable 10, then flipped to High speed for 2 minutes

Then added remaining 3 small potatoes at Variable 3 for 30 seconds. Poured into bowl - this created a little bit of a thicker consistency with some peel visible.

However, this had too many pieces for N after his wisdom teeth surgery so I then poured the soup through a strainer into another dish, thus collecting all the pieces he would've needed to chew so that I created just a smooth soup consistency that he could "drink" with a spoon.

Thanks to the Vitamix I was able to create a relatively easy and fairly quick (healthy too) soup for my dear. I think this will help him recover just fine :-)

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